This thing is so awesomely minimalistic and hardcore. "An assembly language for the 21st century." I hope I am able learn it.

PicoLisp Wiki: home

@gree In fact PicoLisp is the first LISP that makes me want to learn (any) LISP so this (joke?) is lost on me.

I think it was originally meant as a joke, but (at least imo) it bears a lot of wisdom about Lisp-related languages. Especially about the "new" languages which does not look like Lisp much, but they to large extent are: Julia, (I would also add R) and notably JavaScript. Anyways, Picolisp looks really neat, by its simplicity and maturity.

I really like it so far but I am slightly cautious because it seems to be used by 20-30 people worldwide (at least according to my googling)

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