"Kazakhstan greatest country in the world!"

1567114 - MITM on all HTTPS traffic in Kazakhstan bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.

Šéf pobočky MBank v obchodním domě Kotva se jmenuje Jiří Kotva…

Apple and Google turned the gun emoji into a water gun.

So Gab integrated four different guns and a tank
:1911: :ak: :pew: :scar: :tank:

Although his death predates the adoption of the standard, I believe that an omniscient-in-death Turing would be livid that his binary-encoded birthdate wasn’t transmitted in ISO8601 ordering.
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I just got a nice little shiver when working out whether the binary on the ribbon of the new £50 banknote meant anything.

1010111111110010110011000 is 23061912 in decimal. Alan Turing was born on the 23rd June 1912. Wh…

"Something went wrong on our end". This is what happens (repeatedly) when my sister wants to legally buy a movie on Google Play Movies... I guess she will have to pirate it.

Questions about mastodon and blocked / banned instances: If I am just an unprivileged user (not admin) of Mastodon instance X, can I see what other instances it blocks from federating? Can I see what other instances are blocking my instance X? Can I see any of this BEFORE I sign up as an user on that instance?

And what exactly happens when I try to follow someone on the blocked instance (I don't want to experiment with this too much and draw attention to myself).

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