Stripe is now officially available in five more European countries: #Czechia, #Romania, #Bulgaria, #Cyprus, and #Malta.

If you live in one of those countries and you use Liberapay to receive donations, then you should go to your “Payment Processors” page and connect a Stripe account:

If your country still isn't supported by #Stripe, you can preregister:

A German Film About A Man And His Robot Daughter’s Sexual Relationship Triggers Walkouts And Outrage

A sci-fi film is getting a lot of heat over its very controversial relationship between a grown man and a young female robot. Directed by Austrian filmmaker Sandra Wollner, the film premiered at the Berlinale 2020 film fest, and as you can imagine, it has received an enormous amount of backlash, outrage, and disgust.

@adam Pastor James David Manning's 'Flamming Butthole" monologue just keeps on giving - now a "metal treatment" has been produced 😆 :

Just for perspective, here's the original rant 🤣 :

Toto je vážná situace a mělo by se to okamžitě řešit! Již je několik nezvěstných a pohřešovaných!!!

When you can no longer tell the difference between CNN and ...

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