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Artifact, the Dota 2 card game, shipped in November of 2018. Despite good initial sales, our player count fell off pretty dramatically. This warranted a shift from the service/update development model we'd planned to a full reevaluation of the game's mechanics and economy. It's now been about a year and a half since the current Artifact team began work on a reboot in earnest.

"This burger restaurant in Toronto named their burgers after office supplies so you can charge them as expenses"

Na tomto článku mě nejvíce zaujalo, že Vystrčil zřejmě používá slovo "potřebnější" nikoliv ve smyslu "více potřebný", nýbrž ve smyslu "více potřebující".

Ať se lidé na home office podělí s potřebnějšími, vyzval Vystrčil -

Amnesty strips Alexei Navalny of 'prisoner of conscience' status

Amnesty strips him of the status but links it to an "orchestrated campaign" to discredit him.

Anastasia (1997): When your movie takes place in Russia but you have no translator available.

After Monster Hunter movie, I watched a bit of the first Resident Evil and was surprised how good it actually is.

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