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you can either work for a liberal tech company that lifted its name off of a random concept in hinduism or you can work for a conservative tech company that lifted its name off a random concept in Tolkien. those are your choices

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I love the movie Rounders but the money scene is so hilarious. Matt Damon tells John Malkovich that he knows his tell (which involves Oreos) and Malkovich gets mad and throws the Oreos away. Now he is going to stop eating Oreos forever at the table and Matt Damon can’t go back

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Hey twitter,

Im looking for the next challenge in my life.

If you know about some interesting remote job (working on OSS, Server Side Swift, SDK development and stuff) please reach out to me. 🙏

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We're so saddened to hear of the passing of the legendary Richard Donner, who directed so many of our favourite movies. The Omen. Superman. The Goonies. Ladyhawke. Lethal Weapon. His films were a joy to watch, and the man himself was a delight to be around. He will be missed.

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Space Aliens might be surprised to learn that in a cosmos with limitless starlight, humans kill for access to energy sources buried in the sand.

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that time Reznor & Lynch had a deathmatch in Quake 1.🏆

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On this day 20 years ago, Nintendo released the Game Boy Advance console, and Nintendo's web design was so great back then.

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Them: "I get all my vaccine information from TikTok, Telegram and YouTube."

Me: "I get it from the Linux Kernel Mailing List."


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Být ministrem zdravotnictví ČR je nový "jezdit po struhadle do bazénku s jódem."

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I've been playing an old (1990, KOEI Co Ltd) Japanese PC-9801 game バンドくん [Band-kun; Mr. Band] where you start a band and have to recruit members, make some recordings and live a life of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll.

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'Cuckoo Blocks' by Guido Zimmerman
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"what if humanity became obsessed with reversing hash functions and used up all their energy resources to the task" sounds like something a cryptography researcher in 1996 might errantly come up with

“This means getting people back into the office may be a matter of self-preservation for career managers, whether they realize it consciously or not. “ news.ycombinator.com/item?id=2

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