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🚀 Yesterday we released Tailwind Play, an advanced online playground for Tailwind CSS!

🪄 Real-time preview for IntelliSense suggestions
🛠️ Customize your config file
📱 Responsive design mode
📦 Extract components with `@​apply`

Check it out!


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Babiš je kritický k návrhu, aby peníze z EU na pomoc po pandemii šly přednostně víc postiženým zemím. ČR nemá být trestána za to, že situaci zvládla.

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BREAKING NEWS: Barron Trump is unsupervised at the White House and reenacting the plot of Home Alone

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Had to post. Trigger all the conspiracy theorem one post!!! Boom 💥

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In five billion years, our Milky Way begins to collide with the Andromeda galaxy. But not to worry. The Sun burns Earth to a crisp long before then.

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Here are four reasons why the excuse that “businesses have insurance” doesn’t mitigate the harm of rioting.

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Hey guys, wanna feel old?

I'm 40.

You're welcome.

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OMG 😱 If you divide 1 by 998,001 you get all three-digit numbers from 000 to 999 in order, except for 998.

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Docela mě teď baví numerologie, tak třeba číslo částky na vašem účtu na začátku měsíce symbolizuje jestli budete mít na nájem jídlo a drogy aniž byste museli jít žebrat.

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25 years ago today, Microsoft released Windows 95. "This is the biggest thing since New Coke," one shopper said. nyti.ms/2Ff6LME

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@PrahaEU@twitter.com Ten vrak u hotelu Olšanka (nabourane auto) uz tam stoji nejmene mesic. Muzete ho odstranit? Vypada to nebezpecne, rozbite sklo a pokrouceny plech, je to hned u hlavni krizovatky a zastavky. Celkem ostuda.

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Current journalism can’t handle politicians completely making up things.

The headline usually is: “Politician X says Y”. With that, a seed is planted and doubt is sowed.

Alternatives? Not mentioning it at all? Using “Without any proof, politician X says Y”?

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