@matrix I think melon bigshock has the best ingredients from all available bigshocks.

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@Elfie @hideki Weird? Maybe. But it is definitely an amicable gesture towards authorities. They can bust me (or blackmail me to cooperate) quickly and dispatch their workforce to other, more demanding cases like thoughtcrime terrorists on the internet.

@Elfie @hideki I must not have such illegal material even in the cache of my browser. I am not the President of the Czech Republic.

@nekojanai How can you recognize you don’t have free will?

@matrix Should I stop play it now, or wait till I hate it?

@astolfo You will find Flying Spaghetti Monster someday.

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Pure Doublethink in action. Orwell would be laughing his ass off and trying to get "I.. I ... I fucking told ... I told you so!" out.
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@lo I see. I don't have enough experience. I use a single pod in a car often, so I can not compare their charging habit.

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Jsou firmy, které si váží dlouhodobých vztahů se svými zákazníky. A pak jsou firmy jako @PayPal@twitter.com, které vám začnou účtovat minimální konzumaci 300 Kč ročně.

Tak tedy sbohem a díky za všechny ty platby. Dnes už vás nepotřebuju.


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