@flamingkeys My Life in Pink
Major Grom: Plague Doctor
The Platform

@leyonhjelm @deprecated I presume John is from the USA. But he sounds like a civil servant of East European country.
Is anybody forbidding companies to raise pay?
Many people want healthcare, but your own country's intervention usually screws it.
People don't like dying from bullets, but taking away guns from law-abiding citizens is not a solution.

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1. become renowned mathematician
2. put some stupid unprovable statement in a book that will be published after your death, saying you have a proof but don't actually publish it
3. rest in peace knowing thousands of mathematicians will waste their time on your bullshit for centuries to come

@Dianathy Yes, we are. Other Earth species don't have written language.

@Terry No citizen has 2A rights. The US citizens have the right to keep and bear arms.
2A forbids the US goverment to infringe this right.

@Dice Sad thing is many people don't know what democracy means.

@hj Russian Night Puppies doesn't use these, right?

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honzajavorek@beta.birdsite.live - V úterý 27.7. bude v klubu Nora Kořánová ze @SUSE 👩‍🏫 Představí #technicalwriting jako možnou kariérní cestu, popíše jak se k tomu sama dostala a poskytne tipy, díky kterým se budeš moci tech writerkou nebo tech writerem stát i ty ✍️ 📖 junior.guru/events/#planned​

@fuxoft @LukeAlmighty V původním Space Jam nehrála velká, černá, čínská prostitutka.

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