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Got Far Cry 6 for free (included in Game Pass) and I am extremely glad I didn't pay for it. The graphics are occassionally nice or even breathtaking but there are tons of smaller and bigger bugs and annoyances throughout. It's almost funny how thoroughly the enemy AI and mission scripting gets confused whenever you try to do anything that authors didn't anticipate in their boring linear mission designs. Also the cutscenes are stuttering like hell (on the Xbox Series X)!

Over 50% of my YouTube ads are now scams. Very clear scams like "I am Elon Musk and here is my new cryptocurrency" or "Earn 1000 Euro every day by doing nothing". All hosted on temporary fake/hacked domains. At first I was reporting them but now I've given up. It's clear that Google doesn't even pretend to care.

"Děkujeme, že jste zakoupili naše nejnovější vodoměry s bezdrátovým odečtem. Abyste je mohli používat, musíte si koupit Windows a Microsoft Office."

My wife today: "Will we play that open world game again?"

Me: "Which one?"

My wife: "What was the name... Ghost... Raccoon?"

Actually, I would very much like to play Tom Clancy's Ghost Raccoon...

Mom from da hood:

Witness describe frightening moments when gunshots rang out at a car show in San Pedro - YouTube

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