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Hahahaha! Well, shit...

The top-ranking HTML editor on Google is an SEO scam

A tale of online-sleuthing

Thanks for @nodefunallowed for finding this.

I'm glad to see there is hope for the kids.

Researchers trained people to use a robotic extra thumb, finding they could effectively carry out dextrous tasks, like building a tower of blocks, with one hand. Participants trained to use the thumb also increasingly felt like it was a part of their body

Brushing up on my ancient Erlang skills and I already feel smarter...

I tried Elixir recently and it made me go back to the original Erlang and its purity.

I guess we have now reached the point when it's controversial to say that Israelis are NOT literally nazis.

How to make bitches wet, 100% guaranteed sexy time!
, I hope...


How To Make A Girl Horny Instantly⭐30 Days To Alpha BluePrint: ⭐ (HUGE DISCOUNT THIS WEEK)In this video I will teach you how to mak...

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