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Well, it only took one strategically placed flamethrower hit in that giant forest...

O2 nabízí Společenstvím vlastníků, aby problémy s přechodem na televizní vysílání DVBT2 vyřešila tak, že si všechny byty v domě pořídí placenou internetovou televizi od O2. Inu, české hlavičky!

Quincy Larson on Twitter: "🚨PSA🚨 A private equity company just bought the rights to the entire .ORG domain registry. Oh, and @ICANN removed price caps, too. If your nonprofit owns a .org domain, go extend your registration out to the maximum 10 years before prices skyrocket." / Twitter

Still a better love story than Twilight...

Oleg Sokolov: Russian professor found with severed arms in backpack appears in court - CNN

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