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They're tearing down the Babcock Dairy building in Toledo, OH and this is all that's left at this point.

The iconic Civil Rights photo of Walter Gadsen being attacked by a police dog was a mistake. Gadsen had no interest in the Civil Rights movement, but was skipping school, when he stumbled into a cop and frightened his dog. The cop was pulling his dog away.

Original tweet :

Not to say I agree with everything they wrote but I LOLd several times while reading it...

Hitler Worshippers Refuse to Acknowledge Greatness of Upcoming Little Mermaid Reboot - The Daily Rake

Ne že bych byl ekonom, ale Wedos mi dosud poskytoval kvalitní a férové služby...

Otevřený dopis vládě aneb energetická chudoba se blíží – Blog WEDOS


The article boils down to "I am Trans because Saints Row has a character creator but GTA doesn't"
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