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"Tides" – a demo using only HTML sliders, released at Revision 2022! 💙 Music by @winniehell!

DuckDuckGo Removes Pirate Sites and YouTube-DL from Its Search Results 

"Privacy-centered search engine DuckDuckGo has completely removed the search results for many popular pirates sites including The Pirate Bay, 1337x, and Fmovies. Several YouTube ripping services have disappeared, too and even the homepage of the open-source software youtube-mp3 is unfindable."

use they have a whole category for files with many piracy sites

The earliest depiction of Jesus was mocking graffiti carved into marble by a mischievous student to tease another student named Alexamenos, who was apparently a devout Christian. Jesus is drawn with the head of a donkey, because Romans believed Jews wor...

Original tweet :

Finally, interesting video ad...

Pocket FM Ad Tamed by a Broken Beast - YouTube

A sentinel being inspected before taking his post at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery : interestingasfuck

Baseball is much more interesting than I originally thought!

(2) Ciarán on Twitter: "Jyushin Thunder Liger throws out the first pitch at a baseball game and ends up fighting one of the mascots!" / Twitter

Závislost vede k vydíratelnosti.
Maďarská závislost se bohužel projevila u Orbána tak, že za svého oponenta označuje Zelenského namísto Putina.
Náš čtverec ale dokazuje, že i postoj k závislosti je otázkou volby, ne nevyhnutelnost.


Závislost na ruském plynu jednotlivých zemí EU via Eurostat a Bloomberg


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