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My father died 7 years ago and this is the Christmas surprise I got today.

Yes, I know the mobile phone companies recycle old unused numbers.

Chtěli byste se zneplodnit? Chtěli byste zneplodnit svého psa? Pak se vám mohou hodit tyto naše osobní zkušenosti.

Fawlty Towers S01E06. Apparently the reason for banning it was not that Cleese imitates Hitler...

>It's only one minute long, but this CCTV footage has a better narrative and more compelling character arcs than most of the arthouse films I've seen

The tweet stream that superceded the suspension of the Maxwell tracker Twitter acct yesterday

These guys are great if you need a laptop that's 100% compatible (which is getting more and more difficult every year).

TUXEDO Computers

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