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I think I’ll use this to explain the role of the intercept in a linear regression…


"Well, when I was at Oxford to prove to them that 1 times 1 equals more than one..."

Watch "Terrence Howard On The Square Root Of 2, 'Hustle & Flow' Meme, Mistaking Earthquake For Demon" on YouTube

This isn't new but... imagine developing a remake, and the remake is so bad that it makes the players want to buy the original instead.

Games aren't just about graphics and developers should understand this before starting any projects.
Apparently, the Superhot VR game removed a scene where you are supposed to kill yourself because of some imaginary libshit didn't like it. A faggot dev made a post about it on the Steam forum explaining they actually did it because of "what's happening in the world right now" and somehow he didn't immediately commit suicide, which is the only way to move past that shitload of cringe. The forum threads are something else, though:

Meanwhile in porn...

We need to talk about August Ames and Steve Holmes @SteveHolmesPorn - Mike South

I was thinking today about August Ames and how her life ended. She took a stand and said it was her body, her choice. As should steve holmes

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