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So, if you didn't switch from LastPass to Bitwarden yet, now is the time.

Changes to LastPass Free - The LastPass Blog


To neděláš dobře, Jaromíre, s tím přebíháním před jedoucí tramvají. To se ti jednou vymstí. 😓

PS: a kdo z vás si pomyslel, že tohle se vám určitě stát nemůže, tak se mýlíte. Nedělejte to, prosím. 🥺


#BostonDynamics now offers #web-based teleoperation solution allowing complete control of Spot robots via keyboard and mouse or joystick controllers. Also allows others to watch the operation by simply sharing a link etc.
Recently there's been some talk that the web should be just for document sharing. Try the above with any other platform. We'd likely end up with yet another Windows app. That's why it makes sense to bring new web APIs such as #WebHID etc. (~7:30)

"Saying that there is no difference between black and white people is racist!"

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