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渋谷ハロウィン2019・まとめ動画 (RAW VIDEO) / Tokyo Shibuya Halloween 2019 Cosplay

渋谷ハロウィン2019 のまとめ動画です!今年は警察が多く、落ち着いた渋谷ハロウィンでした。 ------------------------------------------------------- Here is the raw footage of Shibuya Halloween 2019! As ...

Somehow, Android’s messaging mess is about to get even worse

Google made this bed but we all have to lie in it

The Verge: Somehow, Android’s messaging mess is about to get even worse.

Police are investigating a complaint of an alleged ‘hate incident’ in which a transgender model was denied a job as a female porn star after the photographer discovered the model still had a penis.

Ria Cooper, who became the UK’s youngest transgender person aged 15 before later transitioning back to male age 18, and then to female again later, has accused the photographer of ‘transphobic behaviour’.

Cooper said the incident could prevent a future career in the modelling industry.

Disney+ streaming uses draconian DRM, avoid

First of all, as always my opinions are my own, not those of my employer. Since I have 2 children I was happy to learn that the Netherlands would be one of the first countries to get Disney+ streaming. So I subscribed for the testing period, problem all devices in my home run Fedora. I started up…

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