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The version is "0.17" but it's far more polished and stable than vast majority of "finished" games.

Factorio version 0.17 - Now stable | Factorio

Extended transcript: John Williams on Spielberg, "Star Wars," and the power of music

The composer talks about the all-consuming work of writing music, and why he doesn't watch his films once they're done

Is there a FREE AND OPEN Linux solution to stream my local videos to Chromecast INCLUDING SUBTITLES, without re-encoding everything? Plex or Videostream can do it but they are commercial / paid / non-open.

The future of entertainment is here!

AIRPLANE MODE Official Trailer (2020) Logan Paul, Comedy Movie HD - YouTube

Cascadia Code | Windows Command Line Tools For Developers

Cascadia Code is finally here! You can install it directly from the GitHub repository’s releases page or automatically receive it in the next update of Windows Terminal. Wait, what’s Cascadia Code? Cascadia Code was announced this past May at Microsoft’s Build event.

Get free Revolut card and 300 CZK when using this referral link:

I use Revolut daily and find it very convenient, especially when you travel / shop internationally.

Exploring the deleted footage from Event Horizon

Just what's in the never-to-be-seen director's cut of Event Horizon? We take a look at what we know...

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