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How to explain law to children...

Sharon Tracey Gale Bey Arrested

Sharon Tracey Gale Bey was arrested on 15 September 2019 while teaching one of her Moorish classes at the Havertown Free Library. Actual bust at 1:20.

No laughing matter: PC policing would make ‘Monty Python’ and other comedies ‘crimes’ today

The classic British comedy series ‘Monty Python’ is 50 years old this month, but the sobering fact is that it, along with other shows of the era, would not be made today due to politically correct policing.

Tragická událost na festivalu

Režisér Kačena se otrávil v šachtě, po resuscitaci ho transportoval vrtulník a nyní bojuje o život

Needs some more exposure. Although I haven't played it yet.

Starsector Review | Explore the Cosmos™ | Ruin Everything™

More gameplay and less ethics than leading brand space sims. Buy it here: Or here if site is overloaded:

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