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CLOWN WORLD: San Francisco board rebrands 'convicted felon' as 'justice-involved person,' sanitizes other crime lingo; "criminal", "felon", "addict" no longer acceptable

Did you know that you can send private messages on YouTube? Since 2017? Nevermind, they are killing that feature soon anyway...

YouTube killing built-in 'Messages' feature next month - 9to5Google

Dutch plan big Brexit beach party

Thousands of people have signed up on Facebook to a Dutch beach party for Brexit, featuring food from across the European Union to mark Britain's departure.

Scott Adams on Twitter: "Today I joined , the anti-racist group with no central organizers. From this day forward, all who criticize me are, by definition, racists." / Twitter

Paradigm shift: Today, I encountered the first person in my life who knew how to send me a photo using WhatsApp but wasn't sure how to do it using email. Others will surely follow...

Meanwhile, some kurwas near Pyskowice... - Brawl of more than 100 people

It's all in the family...

Grandfather learns granddaughter is constantly abused by stepdad, beats him on national TV : JusticeServed

Oh, the memories...

Russian occupation of Czechoslovakia | Secret filming | Cold War | This Week | 1973 - YouTube

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