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Try the Web Authentication demo to register a credential and login with biometrics. WebAuthn spec enables public key-based credentials for securely authenticating users using hardware authenticators.

Jordan B. Peterson's daughter banned from YouTube for "spam" after uploading Q&A video about nutrition. Seriously, watch that video's complete mirror and try to find any "spam" in it.

Mickey Mouse and Batman will soon be public domain—here’s what that means

Roman History. Stabbing. 

Today I overheard a serious discussion of two adult people who didn't like the giganitc fireworks display because "Most of the rockets produced the audible bang a second or so after the visual flash." They wondered why, for such amount of money, the giant fireworks couldn't be made like the smaller "personal" fireworks which produce a bang and a flash at the same time...

- not

Meanwhile in a different community with different community standards...

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