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Warner Bros's best DC comics movies in the last 20 years are animated: "Lego Batman" and "Teen Titans Go". That probably says something important about the way they run their studio...

ARTIFACT virtual card game from Valve and Richard Garfield (Magic: The Gathering) coming on November 28, also on Linux.

Flickr is now limiting all its "free" accounts to max 1000 photos. Luckilly, I already downloaded all my 25000 photos three years ago, so... bye bye.

RT "This may be the stupidest thing ever said about technology in the history of dumb statements about technology." on Malcolm Turnbull and the conflict between crypto and law


My RSS feeds now contain better post titles (generated automatically from the post content). Please try them out and report any errors...
František Fuka - sledování online aktivit

I was always afraid to implement SSL on my personal website (because I didn't really need it and was afraid of all the technical details) but Certbot worked absolutely flawlessly for me and now runs on https! At least it looks like it so far...

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