@fuji Yes, that's the first one. It's rather old and the new one should be significantly more advanced not only in graphics but also in UI and game mechanics. But I have only tried the new one for a little while so I am not sure about all the differences.

@fuji The "AI" in the title means that the humar players COOPERATIVELY fight against the enemy A.I. which uses different game rules than human players (you have to play in such a way that you don't provoke it too soon). You have lots of planets connected by warp gates and each planet is a battlefield. But you can automatically navigate units through the warpgates to destination planets / unit groups as soon as they are manufactured. It's best to watch some videos of AI War 1.

@fuji I'd say it's similar level of hardcoreness but completely different mechanics. Imagine Starcraft with 1000s of units.

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