Meanwhile, some kurwas near Pyskowice... - Brawl of more than 100 people

It's all in the family...

Grandfather learns granddaughter is constantly abused by stepdad, beats him on national TV : JusticeServed

Also, Jews destroyed at least 372 tons of foreskins this year alone!

Oh, the memories...

Russian occupation of Czechoslovakia | Secret filming | Cold War | This Week | 1973 - YouTube

@espectalll Bitcoin falling less than 10% is not a "freefall" by any measure. You must be new here...

@purism What if my friends think that the convenience provided by those "free" services is worth giving up your privacy? What if I myslelf think so?

CROWDSOURCING: Anyone got any non-obvious tips for a cheap seaside apartment / hotel in Europe where two adult people could just lie at the warm beach, swim and unwind for 10 days in the first half of September? No comfort necessary, no meals necessary (we will cook ourselves). Just beds, bathroom and a small kitchen. The price of the apartment and the price of traveling there from Prague are both a factor. Of course we are also looking at last-minute tours offers, AirBnB and

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