@mig Internet probably isn't accustomed to fast-acting people like us who do intensive research for 1-2 days and then buy... I see this behavior again and again with lots of stuff I buy.

One week *AFTER* I bought a new car, targeted car ads start appearing everywhere for me. Good job, internet!

Aamer Anwar sounds triggered...

Aamer Anwar🎗✊🏽 on Twitter: "1/ 10👇🏽This ‘hysterical’ letter by HQ of President Czech Republic, claims Kudela’s UEFA’s tokenistic 10-game ban by @UEFA for racism against @GlenKamara4 was “just to fulfill the perverted expectations of a small group of activists.” Translation👇🏽t.co/Jmr5hkiLUf" / Twitter twitter.com/AamerAnwar/status/

@pavlas Mně tedy připadají nejprofesionálnější ty od ČSSD, ale schválně, co jsi tím chtěl říct ty?

John Cleese Says He’d ‘Like To Apologise’ For ‘Monty Python’ Sketches Making ‘Fun Of White English People’

John Cleese wrote on Twitter that he'd "like to apologise" for "Monty Python" sketches that made "fun of white English people."


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