@confusedbunny @AYMusic Throughout second and third song, there are faint noises that sound like percussion which are not supposed to be there...

@AYMusic Cool! 👍 But most of the last song is missing and there are weird white noise artifacts, mostly in the right channel. :) Bad re-encoding?

Star Wars mobile game released metrics about which users played as the empire or rebellion. it closely mapped the north/south divide.


A little girl is taken on a mind-bending tour of her distant future. 2016 Academy Award nominee for Best Animated Short Film.WORLD OF TOMORROW Episodes Two a...


"Beutlina"?! Bilbo a Frodo mají příjmení "Baggins"

@brunofontes There are significant technical implementation differences between the two. Try googling for "Tailsacle vs Zerotier". From purely non-technical point of view, free Tailscale account allows 20 connected devices, Zerotier 50 devices.

@brunofontes Have a look at zerotier.com/ - it's sufficiently user friendly but also very customizable and independent of their infrastructure (if you want it to be).

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