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Very interested in finding out what exactly causes this bug...

Blackout Bug: Boeing 737 cockpit screens go blank if pilots land on specific runways • The Register

QUESTION: How can I password-protect (or otherwise secure) my Gogle Chrome profile (on someone else's Windows computer, so that he cannot access it)? I keep finding various tutorials to do it but they seem to be outdated and current Chrome doesn't seem to support this...??? I also found several relevant Chrome extensions to do it but they are very old and unmaintained. What am I missing?

Programming Languages Explained With Music [Comic] - Toggl Blog

Curious about what music genre your favorite coding language would be? We decided to take some educated guesses. Don't @ us PHP and country fans.

" is embedding tracking data inside photos you download. I noticed a structural abnormality when looking at a hex dump of an image file from an unknown origin only to discover it contained what I now understand is an IPTC special instruction. Shocking level of tracking.." / Twitter


DeluxePaint/DPaint original 1986 amiga source code; Includes manual book and reference card pdfs for DPaint 1 - DutchmanDavid/DeluxePaint

Also, block in Firefox...

Hardcode a block of gab by default · Issue #11129 · tootsuite/mastodon

First world problems…

Consider Renaming GIMP To A Less Offensive Name (#3617) · Issues · GNOME / GIMP · GitLab

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