Conspiracy theorist refuses test for COVID-19, denies it exists & fights with hospital staff

Description from original video This happened at my sisters hospital that she works at. A very obviously sick man demands a lawyer before he will be tested f...

Take this, Covid 19, Satan!

Judgment Is Executed on COVID-19: by Kenneth Copeland

As people of God, we have dominion and authority over COVID-19, because Jesus has redeemed us from every curse, which includes sickness, disease and every pl...

We wanted to relax and escape the stress of real life. So we watched Soderbergh's "Contagion" (2011).

DARUJI ZA ODVOZ dvě matrace Ikea Mordegal 200x90 cm, asi 8 let staré, se skvrnami od (psí) moči, které jsou mnoho let staré (takže problém je jen s barvou, nikoliv se smradem). K vyzvednutí v Praze Vysočanech v pondělí 16. března.

CNN finally draws attention to this serious international problem.

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