One week *AFTER* I bought a new car, targeted car ads start appearing everywhere for me. Good job, internet!

@fuxoft this is normal.. I always see commercials for things I have already bought.. therefore I have doubts if internet ads work at all, isn't it a big bubble? of course, you can measure and sold the bubble very well :-D it's also about good advertising...

@mig Internet probably isn't accustomed to fast-acting people like us who do intensive research for 1-2 days and then buy... I see this behavior again and again with lots of stuff I buy.

@fuxoft indeed.. we probably work differently than a regular advertising consumer.. I also buy things based on the research, comparing many parameters.. and I don't rely on advertising at all..
moreover I noticed one more thing, the ad irritates me, while most people don't.. for example morning shows on the radio - there are really people who don't mind.. I get crazy after a second.. the same is on the internet, I install adblocks everywhere..

@mig @fuxoft
I know it is a bobble. It is soooo obvious.

But I fear the day this bobble bursts, because the entire IT industry will crash with it...

@LukeAlmighty @fuxoft one thing is a classic internet advertisement, yes it is the bubble, another thing is advertising on facebook - paid contributions.. however, I notice that facebook is losing users, or at least that many users have it in principle, but they only send animals and jokes there.. they dont "live on facebook".. it will be interesting when the FB bubble explodes on the stock exchange :-) and the same goes for google...

@LukeAlmighty @fuxoft yes... BTW from the user's perspective, I never understood how could such a complicated and unfriendly interface become so popular :-) it's overenginered free-sms machine..

@mig @fuxoft
In my opinion, it was doomed not because of engineering, but because of Marcs reliance on the deanonimized model.

If people had anonymous sub-accounts they could use to post shot, it would be fine.

The problem is, that on facebook everyone sees your commments on EVERY topic. It's like going to the pub/church/strip club/library at the with your gf/grandma/boss and friends all at the same time. You cannot do anything that even one of mentioned groups might not like... Pure madness.

@fuxoft "This guy likes buying cars. Let's offer him some more".
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