When you start using YAML for scripting, it's time to step back and think about what you are doing and how you got here...

Script Syntax - Home Assistant

@fuxoft Exactly. That is why I went with for home automation - there is *only* scripting, no configuration.

@ondras And that's why I wrote my own home automation system in Lua, where config files == program files.

@fuxoft Is your home automation setup described somewhere? I'm looking for useful ideas especially for flats.

@honzalinka Nope, it's made specifically for me and it's certainly not user friendly or easily understandable. :) In short: I am using ConBee II USB stick to control Zigbee devices, zigbee2mqtt to translate all events into MQTT and then everything communicates through mosquitto server. Each device has its own Lua script and uses mosquitto_sub. Now I just have to write a web frontend which seems to be simpler than trying to understand HomeAssistant (which I originally wanted to use).

@fuxoft Thanks, Conbee II really seems like good starting point for me. Do you use radiator valves? Most products seems to be for central thermostat. Also, what do you use the power socket for? It seems like good idea, but still don't know what to use it for.

@honzalinka I've bought one radiator valve so far, for testing (Immax Neo Lite). It seems to work perfectly software-wise. I haven't yet tried it with the actual radiator (we still haven't moved to the new house).

The power socket can be used e.g. to turn alarm lightbulb on and off and also report the power consumption. But the main reason for having it is that it acts as a signal repeater for other Zigbee devices.

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