Aren't you happy you are on decentralized network now?

Apple says it will kick Parler off the App Store in 24 hours unless content is moderated - 9to5Mac

Apple has informed the social media network Parler that it has 24 hours to rid the platform of inappropriate content, or else face removal from the App Store. The news was first reported by Input Mag, who obtained a copy of the email sent from Apple to Parler. Apple wrote in the email that it […]


Gab did it without an app. I think they’ll do just fine. Parler has work to do on that horrendous UI tho.

@fuxoft google threatened to do the same to any fediverse client. I am not sure they follow what they said, I only hand fdroid on this phone. So also these networks share the same risk as Parler, if we stick to centralised application repositories.

@raixe That's iPhone problem, not Android. Android apps can be hosted anywhere and installed from there.

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