Is there a graphical file manager for Linux that doesn't croak on a directory with 30,000 files? Actually, is there a graphical file manager for advanced Linux users (who are not advanced enough for Midnight Commander)?

@fuxoft unfortunately not. Development of the MC stuck, years ago. Hopefully it still works. It's strange that there's no need for a replacement. There are tons of frameworks, but just one outdated twin manager. Perhaps there are strict console users who do not need it or strict GUI users who need it neither?

@samurro It's unpacked from a giant automatically generated archive. On someone else's computer. Let's not go there...

@fuxoft are you just looking for a dual pane file manager? Nemo does that... however, I have no idea if it will choke on 30,000(!!) files

@aproposnix Midnight Commander handles those 30000 files quite well, but... well... it's Midnight Commander. Just wondering if there is something similarly robust but with GUI.

@fuxoft Krusader is like MC, but in modern GUI. Not sure about that pile of files.

@mirek @fuxoft i would split the directory into smaller first. If you need a one-line script let me know..

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