And also because they moved the engines forward of the wing, fundamentally changing the critical aerodynamics of the aircraft.

@leyonhjelm The new software subsystem was there precisely because of the reconfigured engines. It was supposed to emulate (using software) the way the original engines worked.

@fuxoft correct, but the missing code was the fix. Not the problem.

@leyonhjelm Yes, THIS missing code was the fix. But AFAIK, the "bad" code with missing lines was written specifically to address the engine modification using software.

@fuxoft it was. I'm just saying it was a high risk move that blaming the software downplays.

@leyonhjelm I think that TESTING is definitely to blame. Before the updates were live, both hardware and software were supposed to be tested extensively. Blaming just the code writers is of course wrong.

@fuxoft there were those problems along with the way it was treated as another 737. I'm not clear that putting such a radical redesign on the same type certificate was a good move, as it allows both the manufacturer and airline to cut corners on both certification testing and pilot retraining depending on the national regulations of the airline.
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