I have thought about the following solution for my Photo storage needs: I have a private VPN on where I could run some sort of photo gallery app. However, I have lots of photos (currently around 500 GB) so I'd have to host these elsewhere (e.g. So the photo software should have some sort of local cache (e.g. 10 GB) and access the main photo storage as little as possible (i.e. no periodic automatic scanning). Is there OSS photo software that can be configured like this?

@fuxoft mount it using webdav. Dav2fs has configurable cache size. Never done personally though.

@mirek That's the obvious simple solution but I am afraid it falls apart when the software thinks that photos are on local filesystem and tries e.g. to regularly scan the disk for new photos.In my case that would be exceedingly slow and/or over my egress quota.

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