Some streamer that has never played Nintendo games until a month ago was blown away by Breath of the Wild. Then he asked something like "if Nintendo can make a game like this for Zelda, why can't they make a game like this for Pokémon?"

Seems like he's a fast learner.

The idea of an open world, free roam BotW-style Pokémon game sounds bizarre; but it's not as if they can't do it.

@rasterman Monolith Soft is good at making big, open games. Gamefreak is not.
@ArdanianRight What would it take for Gamefreak to acquire the talent to do so? They dared try something new with Pokémon Go and for a while, people lost their minds over it.

Also, 'member: Pokémon Go to the polls!
@fuxoft @ArdanianRight You are correct. Also, didn't you mean "IIRC"? You don't need to be so humble about it. lol
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