oh ffs here we go again with this bullshit. Master in git terms does not refer to master as in master-slave. It means master copy, similar to a master record in music production. There are no slave branches, no slave copies.

> homonym (n.)
> 2. a word that is both a homophone and a homograph, that is, exactly the same as another in sound and spelling but different in meaning, as chase “to pursue” and chase “to ornament metal.”

@fuxoft The tooltip help on the image he posted says "The default branch is considered the 'base' branch ..." so why not call it base FFS?

Also I don't use "origin", I usually call it "upstream" to represent its non-technical position in the interaction between repositories. Git doesn't need an "upstream", but many distributed dev environments politically have one.

@fuxoft and in what way is "master" racist? Do you imply that serfdom only applies to the representatives of a different "race", whatever that means, and does not apply to the populace within the same species, country, nation etc?
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