I am seriously afraid this is not a joke...

Xtactor Smart Wristband - Screenless Smartwatch | Indiegogo

What's wrong?
The wristband without display or the Morse code?
The Morse code could be the right "geek factor" :)

@Rado1 Just measure how long it will take to write the simplest message like "@fuxoft I will be late today" using morse... And what will you do if you make an error during the typing?

@fuxoft Oh, missed the part with "writing via Morse".
I expect, majority of the people (buying this) will use just notifications via Morse.
The writing is even higher "geek factor" and there are still people using Morse code today. They are - probably - the target audience of this product.

@Rado1 @fuxoft Is morse updated to unicode now? I need to send turd smiley.

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