QUESTION: How can I password-protect (or otherwise secure) my Gogle Chrome profile (on someone else's Windows computer, so that he cannot access it)? I keep finding various tutorials to do it but they seem to be outdated and current Chrome doesn't seem to support this...??? I also found several relevant Chrome extensions to do it but they are very old and unmaintained. What am I missing?

@fuxoft What about workaround? Veracrypt encrypted folder with the Chrome profile?

@Rado1 That sounds like last-ditch solution. Also, what would happen if I accidentally launched my Chrome profile WITHOUT first decrypting the directory?

@fuxoft Strictly speaking: you can't. If he is the owner of the computer, has admin rights and can modify the OS, you can't trust it.

Better question is, what level of risk do you accept to take...

I think it WAS possible to encrypt your home directory using separate password. Right in Chrome. That would be OK with me

@fuxoft If you don't need to be secure against malicious admin, then probably EFS is a way to go? Not available in Windows Home though...

Or Veracrypt as suggested earlier.


How about running a portable Chrome inside a VeraCrypt encrypted volume?

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