@fuxoft Not sure what to look at there. Clearly, they're both basing their reporting on a third party news wire. I have first hand experience of a couple of events in which I was directly involved and I learned two things: 1. #CNN are very good at getting their facts right and in a timely manner. They can often deploy people at the *actual* scene of the facts (not the journos' hotel 300 miles away in a different country, as is the usual case). If your physical safety - 1/3

@fuxoft depends on it, you will appreciate that. 2. The #BBC are super happy to use unverified third party reports and uncontrasted / known unreliable sources. They have had some very good journos (most of them working for other outlets now) but the dominant current is that of entertainment “news”. They won't hesitate to shoot down their own specialist reporters if they can get one extra viewer out if it. Unless you're looking for the latest royal gossip - 2/3

@fuxoft or celebrity scandal, avoid the Beeb at all costs. - 3/3

"what to look at here"? Each of them is saying the exact opposite.

Ok, kind of goes to show my point. 😁

@fuxoft V tom konfliktu se toto děje neustále. Samotná ČT v tom dělala chaos např. převzala rozhovor a ten pak přisuzovala napřed jedné a posléze druhé straně..

@fuxoft Jinak věřím spíše verzi BBC, protože ta ukrajinská armáda má poměrně dost případů kdy se její členové projevovali jako sympatizanti nacismu..

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