Questions about mastodon and blocked / banned instances: If I am just an unprivileged user (not admin) of Mastodon instance X, can I see what other instances it blocks from federating? Can I see what other instances are blocking my instance X? Can I see any of this BEFORE I sign up as an user on that instance?

And what exactly happens when I try to follow someone on the blocked instance (I don't want to experiment with this too much and draw attention to myself).

@fuxoft AFAIK publishing a list of blocked instances is upon admins' discretion, e.g. has their list here:


@jnv Thanks, that's what I've been afraid of. So, before joining any instance, the user has no way to reliable determine which instances are accessible from that one. He has to join and then experiment...

@fuxoft if you look at pleroma instead of mastodon you can check most pleroma instances expose their federation restrictions such as @jnv
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