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Consider Renaming GIMP To A Less Offensive Name (#3617) · Issues · GNOME / GIMP · GitLab

I dare that guy to try the same with a certain version control system out there. 👹

@brainblasted I appreciate your contributions to free software, but I'd like to add my 2 cents as to why this is a really bad idea.

It essentially lets anyone 'hijack a word for any purpose that might be deemed offensive and effectively censor any work with that name from the scene by doing do.

And since people are familiar with the name, any renaming will inevitably weaken free software.

My parents know what GIMP is and they even know what it stands for. This is very valuable.


This *WILL* end up being used against the very same communities you're concerned about.

This is akin to self-censoring. Essentially doing the work for the haters by ceding any word they wish to them and squeezing yourself into ever tighter of a corner as a result.

A much better (if slightly harder) way to combat it is to take the negative connotations you're concerned about back and own them, like communities have done effectively in the past.

Please consider.


@MatejLach @fuxoft sorry, not trying to here this shit. Nobody is “hijacking” language here. GIMP chose an acronym that was a slur, and refused to change it when notified that it was a slur when notified multiple times over many years. If anything, they’ve “hijacked” the word for the name of the software, despite the offensive connotations.

“This is akin to self-censoring.”

Have you never held back words after you found out they were harmful? Do you use any other slur casually, even knowing the harm it produces? Self-censorship is normal and empathetic, and you’ve got some introspection to do if you think that’s a bad thing.

@brainblasted @MatejLach No, I have never heard "words that produced harm". Words cannot harm me. If you are offended by words, I have great advice: Don't be offended. If you feel harmed by words (unless they are played at 200 decibels or so), seek psychological help.

@fuxoft This doesn't mean it will be renamed.

Please don't make this real.

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