@fuxoft almost too good to be true...and functional...?

There will certainly be problems if 2 or 3 people in a single household use it at the same time...

@fuxoft I don't really get, how this should work. Wouldn't the data flow from google servers be beyond imagination? If I understood it well, I can play a single player of any game, they will be providing, in hq resolution in browser and they will provide the hardware necessary...? I thought about trying PS now on PC, but the comments on the stream quality scared me of.

Data flow won't be bigger than watching Youtube. The required hardware (at their end) will be paid by the game developer and probably passed to the end user as some sort of "pay per month" service. Because you won't have to buy a special gaming hardware every 5 years

@fuxoft call me stupid, but wouldn't they have to run a single player game for each single player? 🙂


Yes, definitely. But only when the player is actually playing it, of course. That's why I think this will definitely be a subscription service and you will no longer actually "buy games". Not sure if that's good or bad…

@fuxoft we'll see...if this is not another google glasses project or g+

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