I really, non-ironically, don't understand what she means. Isn't "no-deal Brexit" something that AUTOMATICALLY happens unless everyone agrees with everyone else on some different solution? How can you "rule out" the default automatic solution?

Scottish First Minister Sturgeon calls for UK PM May to rule out no deal Brexit: ITV | Reuters

@fuxoft No-deal Brexit is indeed the default configuration unless parties agree to something they mutually agree is better. No-deal Brexit is literally the best option the EU is willing to offer, so Sturgeon can go jump in a lake.

@fuxoft thinking about it again, Britain filing their official declaration of departure was a deal made almost two years ago, with an option to negotiate a mutually better deal if one could be struck. The EU has not sought one in good faith, so here we are.

@leyonhjelm @fuxoft why would they bother when they get to show everyone else what happens when you leave the reservation
this has always been what was going to happen

@vercingetorix @fuxoft They wouldn't. Everyone knew that from the start. This two years hasn't been about reaching an agreement. It's been theatre. A total waste of time.

If there's no agreement, you can at least stop brexit at all, don't you?

My understanding is that Brexit can now be stopped / postponed only if EVERYONE (i.e. all EU members) specifically agree to it. But I might be wrong. That's why I'm asking.

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