@ajroach42 It's a floppy drive emulator. You stick SD card in it and there you go.

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My dad died. Classic start to a funny story. He was buried in a small village in Sussex. I was really close to my dad so I visited his grave a lot. I still do. [DON’T WORRY, IT GETS FUNNIER.]

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Earth-kun, the Tokyo sewage system mascot, is a globe with a manhole cover hat.

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This is an even more impressive demonstration of where we're going with deep fakes. This one uses Kim's own voice. Impressive. Frightening, but impressive.

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A pry ze nova doba je jina, rychlejsi, horsi…

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1987. nothing new under the sun, eh.

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“Locked up there in space, far from home, he asked them to bring him honey in order to raise his spirits. But there was no honey, and instead they sent him lemon and horseradish.”


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"Probrali jsme aktuální otázky našich vztahů..."
(via Český institut pro urážení politiků)

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@thomasfuchs Yeah that's because average person doesn't care about data storage & ownership which it really all comes down to. I really hope federated networks / SOLID stuff takes off among the masses. My growing suspicion is that it'll take lot of time and effort - good news is that the change is happening on the dev side: github.com/ceejbot/economics-o (check the end of the article)

minuly tyden sem se koukal na “Reversal of Fortune” (u nas “Zvrat štěstěny”. ustredni a realna postava Claus von Bülow minuly mesic umrel, tak doufam ze si se Sunny v zahrobi snupnou

Anyone here has any experience with archiving web, especially using WARC format?

jinak skromne doporucuju si radsi poslechnout album “Mezina” od interpreta Lišaj: genot.bandcamp.com/album/mezin (hiphop meets bvdub?)

netflix se asi rozhodnul, ze budou zajimavy tim, ze nalakaji lidi na sci-fi tak, ze filmy pojmenuji po mesicich / planetach. podobne na me pusobil i film “Io”. mozna shoda jmen, netusim…

Jestli ste pri brouzdani netflixem narazili na film “The Titan”, tak vam doporucim si ho nepustit, ale prikladam link: imdb.com/title/tt4986098/

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"Tri" neznamená počet barev v naší vlajce, ale počet tradičních rodin pana předsedy.

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