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Liv Tyler plays an astronaut's earth-bound love interest in both "Armageddon" (1998) and "Ad Astra" (2019).

Time for her to go into space her own damn self.

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Deploy your BASIC code to our 6502 data center in just one tweet. Welcome to 8-bit cloud 😜

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So I learned of an amusing bug today:

Docker for Windows won't run if you have the Razer Synapse driver management tool running.

But the reason is the funny part...

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ahh to be a single sheet of blank printer paper floating delicately between the world and a manila folder

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takhle si predstavuju patrioty co chrani nase hranice

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I think it’s awesome you can now rack mount your employees

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ja to vedel! uprchlici nemaj jen iphony, ale i miliony dolaru na uctu. sirte to dal nez to smazou.

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Measure twice, cut once.

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Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit z r. 2014. Zase reboot (πŸ˜–) tentokrat s divnym Chrisem Pinem a dobrym Kenneth Branaghem, ktery si to i zreziroval. Zapletka v Rusku dobra premisa, ale uplne nelogicky motivace protivnika a zase vtipne β€œhackovani” do pocitace. Fuj, posledni misto.

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Dalsi dil se objevil temer o dekadu pozdeji v r. 2002. Forda vystridal tehdy Ben Affleck, v te dobe na vrcholu. Do toho Morgan Freeman, atomovy bomby a neo-nackove. Za me dobry. Jestli se to spravne pochopil, slo o reboot. Treti z peti.

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Treti opet o 2 roky dal - Clear and Present Danger me vubec nebavilo, je to vic politicke a min dobrodruzne. Opet H. Ford a J. Earl Jones. Moc sem si z toho nezapamtoval ale je tam Willem Dafoe a Pablo Escobar. 4. misto z peti.

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Dalsi je z r. 1992 uz byl s H. Fordem. Je tam dost kycove hrdinstvi, ale ten presah do konfliktu v S. Irsku me docela bavil. Hlavne zaporak v roli Sean Beana nemuze proste zklamat a treba i J. Earl Jones (D. Vader v SW), R. Harris (Dumbledore), Samuel Jackson. 1. misto

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The Hunt for Red October je uplne ten prvni z r. 1990 s tehdy jeste nadejnym Alecem Baldwinem plus dalsi velci herci (Connery). Je o konfliktu behem studene valky a vysel v roce, kdy se USSR rozpadla. Z tech peti filmu bych ho zaradil na druhe misto.

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