Risknul jsem to a zkusil dalsi tvorbu od Netflixu: Bushwick (2019) zpracovava tema, jak by mohl vypadat statni prevrat v USA v soudobych kulisach.
Jedinou “star power” tu ma Dave Bautista (Drax z Guardians of G.) a vyrazna je i hudba od Aesop Rock (ktere tu bohuzel moc neni).

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This is my favorite Christmas programming joke 😂😂😂

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Máte rádi Excel? A víte, jak vznikají jízdní řády, které potkáváme na zastávkách?

Jde o soustavu maker v Excelu, asi 7 tisíc řádků kódu ve Visual Basicu, které sestavují zastávkové jízdní řády z databáze grafikonů. Trochu retro, ale stále funkční. 🙂

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According to Chanel, this is how we’re supposed to dress during datacenter maintenance:

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A good homespun natural remedy will cure the common cold in a week. But left untreated, your cold may linger for up to seven days.

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Ever wondered why the tight plastic-coated handles at @KnipexOfficial@twitter.com are called “dip-coated” ? It’s simple: because they are created by dipping! Hanging on their heads, the pliers are dipped in a hot bath of liquid plastic.

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Bill Gates thinks Windows Mobile would have beaten Android without Microsoft’s antitrust woes. "Instead of using Android today you would be using Windows Mobile," says @billgates@twitter.com - all details here: theverge.com/2019/11/6/2095237

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Ppl like to shit on non-native apps for their performance (e.g. ). “JS is bad and devs do hacks to overcome it” they might say. @tweetbot@twitter.com is native app for macOS that by this logic should be very fast. v2 had perf issues (window resizing), see how they fixed it for v3.

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at Forum Karlín - their first ever Czech show - was simply AMAZING. You could really feel the crowd’s decades of love for the band and when they did a few Joy Division songs the place went nuts. Truly a night to remember.

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Have you ever imagine that @facebook@twitter.com is crawling links in your pdf files when you are sending them via messenger?

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